Wednesday, July 28, 2010

down south

I couldn't resist posting a few pictures of our weekend in Santa Barbara with Christian's parents.

Annike found a new best friend... and pillow.

"SB" is the dog's name, but Annike likes to call her "SBC". I think the alphabet has confused her.

We also met some dear friends on the beach, and Annike found a playmate that looks a little like her mirror image.

They aren't sisters, but future college roommates!! Hopefully they will be wearing more clothes by then.

Here I am with my college roommates, and lifelong friends. I hope that Annike will have lasting relationships one day, with women that will uplift her as these women have done in my life.

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  1. How sweet! And I hope and pray Taylor has roommates like you guys, too! And yes, hopefully they will wear more clothes by then! :)


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