Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Almost nothing brings me more joy than seeing these two little munchkins play together.

It is happening more and more.  I hear giggling in the living room, and stop to spy on them. Or wonder of wonders, an entire half hour goes by while both girls have been playing in the bedroom with only each other for company.

And of course, they cause mischief together (like getting soaked in the leftover shower water. For once it was convenient that Annike had her clothes off.)

When Sommer was only 6 weeks old, crying a lot, stealing my attention and definitely not a lot of fun for her older sister, the subject of best friends came up. I asked Annike who her best friend was, fully expecting her to mention the name of one of her special little girlfriends. She grinned and answered without hesitation, "Baby Sommer!"
That has been my prayer ever since. Lord, may they be best friends!

You have a long road ahead of you, girls. Better stick together.

joy (part 2)

Almost nothing brings me more joy than seeing my two little girls playing together...

... except maybe seeing this little wiggling munchkin inside of my belly.

Annike looked like a "gecko" when we saw her in utero. Sommer looked like a "teddy bear". And apparently Christian has nicknamed this one "Baby Skeletor."

We will be adding the new little sibling to the bunch in late September (or early October, depending on how late this one decides to come.)

Pray for us? Pray with us? We have some big changes coming to the family soon. Big change, but exciting change!

Friday, March 8, 2013

happy birthday opa

Opa turned 90 years old yesterday. That deserves some celebration and acknowledgement, now doesn't it?

Only 1.6% of people born in 1923 make it to be 90 years old. Of course, this guy is Norwegian and might be given a slightly higher life expectancy because of all of the pickled herring and cod liver oil he has ingested (and enjoyed!) over the years. Still, it is quite a statistic. Consider that he was born in an era with no antibiotics in the middle of a tuberculosis epidemic. There was no electricity, no refrigeration, and definitely no indoor plumbing. He also survived the depression and one world war in northern Europe.

As the oldest of 9 children, he spent his youth helping his siblings forge better lives for themselves before carving out his own path and eventually landing in sunny Santa Barbara 50 years ago. Not a bad place to spend the latter half of life!

All in all, it sounds like a great excuse for a birthday party to me!

The immediate family all joined up in Santa Barbara to celebrate. Including ALL of his grandchildren (3), who he is quick to take delight in.

The significance may have been lost on the littlest granddaughters, but I am sure they will learn to one day appreciate the experience of their elders.

The good news is that Opa apparently still has his sense of humor,

And much to Annike's dismay, did not need help blowing out the candles.

We love you, Opa! We can't wish you another happy 90 years, but we can wish you a peaceful, healthy, joy-filled life and great purpose in the remaining years that God has for you.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

babies don't keep

While I was growing up, my mother had this poem hanging on the wall of our family room on some homemade medium of sorts... cross stitched? hand painted?  I can not even vaguely remember what it looked like hanging on that wall all those years.  But the words are stored permanently in the subconscious recesses of my mind. They have been running through my head all day, and I thought I would bless you by sharing them.

Cleaning and scrubbing 
         can wait til tomorrow
For babies grow up, 
                     we've learned to our sorrow.
So quiet down cobwebs, 
   dust go to sleep
I'm rocking my baby 
               and babies don't keep
Author Unknown

Sommer was sick this week and needed a lot of Momma-time.  I rocked her to sleep today for the first time in a very long time. It was special. To be fair to myself, however, the girl has received (demanded?) a LOT of rocking in her little lifetime. Still, it was special. And well worth ignoring the pile of dishes in the sink.