Friday, October 21, 2011


Annike often says "the pink one is my favorite, and the purple one is my favorite and the blue one is my favorite too!"  In other words, whatever she is referring to (toy cars, characters in a book, crayon colors... whatever), they are ALL her favorite.

The teacher in me wants to explain that the word "favorite" cannot be used that way.  Favorite means you choose ONE that you like best.  

But instead of explaining my definition to my 3-year-old, I think I am starting to understand the word through her eyes.  Why?

because they are BOTH my favorite.

Different... and both more lovable because of their differences.  

The big one is my favorite and the little one is my favorite.  They are redefining the meaning of the word.


  1. Love this. Although I totally get what you are saying, you are my favorite Ashley. Of all the Ashley's I know, you ARE my favorite. And those two are my favorite Annike and my favorites Sommer! :-)

  2. love love love! and these photos are amazing!

  3. how true!
    thanks for sharing.
    big hug claudia

  4. i totally get this! what beautiful girls they are!


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