Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Almost nothing brings me more joy than seeing these two little munchkins play together.

It is happening more and more.  I hear giggling in the living room, and stop to spy on them. Or wonder of wonders, an entire half hour goes by while both girls have been playing in the bedroom with only each other for company.

And of course, they cause mischief together (like getting soaked in the leftover shower water. For once it was convenient that Annike had her clothes off.)

When Sommer was only 6 weeks old, crying a lot, stealing my attention and definitely not a lot of fun for her older sister, the subject of best friends came up. I asked Annike who her best friend was, fully expecting her to mention the name of one of her special little girlfriends. She grinned and answered without hesitation, "Baby Sommer!"
That has been my prayer ever since. Lord, may they be best friends!

You have a long road ahead of you, girls. Better stick together.


  1. yes! I always tell my girls when they're fighting, "she's your best friend sister mouse, take care of her!"

  2. Beautiful! I've been meaning to say thank you for regularly "saying hello" on my blog - I also very much enjoy yours and am just delighted that you are adding another to your sweet, naked family. :)


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