Sunday, April 14, 2013

big changes

Big change, little change. 
Good change, bad change. 
Change is an inevitable part of our lives. That is one thing that will never change.

This past weekend, Christian and I had the opportunity to step back and reflect upon some of the big changes coming to our lives soon. We escaped the children for a night in order to celebrate our 10th anniversary (already?! where has the time gone!!?)  And the theme we found ourselves discussing over and over is how immensely blessed we feel as we approach a new season in our lives.

We talked about all of the circumstances that have led us to this place, the decisions that have been made over the past few months, the seeming coincidences that could only be God's perfect timing, the worry and anxiety that accompanied the process of walking forward in faith. Ultimately, it all came back around to the fact that through it all, we are experiencing countless undeserved blessings. There is a humility that comes from not fully understanding why God has allowed us to experience His grace in this magnitude... but I guess that is the basic definition of grace, isn't it? Being gifted with something we really don't deserve.

At the top of the blessing list is the baby we are adding to the family sometime around the end of September. In a future post I hope to make time to articulate the exact reasons that this particular pregnancy feels extra-special.

Not long after we received the news of my pregnancy, we also received word that Christian's place of work would be closing. Though he has essentially been self-employed for the past 7 years, this news meant unemployment. A scary thought for any young family. True to the adage someone recently quoted me, "God is never early."

On Christian's final day of work, he went in for an interview and landed a job that far outweighs his previous one. Some of the added bonuses include health benefits (Hooray! Baby's arrival will not come straight out of our pockets!) and paid vacation (something not included in the old self-employment package) and the one that has me breathing huge sighs of relief is that I will no longer be in charge of the accounting/billing/bookkeeping/client management. The new job comes with its own office manager and the timing could not be better for me as I will soon tackle managing a home with 3 little bodies. Phew.

There is so much left unsaid in this post. But I hope in all that you read, you see how incomprehensibly blessed we feel as we leave an old season of life and press on toward a new, somewhat uncharted, season. A season that will bring inevitable change to our lives and our little routine. A season that we welcome with open arms because no matter what obstacles and challenges this new era brings, we know unequivocally that God has wrapped His arms around us and ushered us into this new place.

Oh, and, the biggest bonus of all is that we get to have Daddy with us for 2 whole months in the interim time that he has between jobs!!  The timing for this pregnant Momma could not be better. We have some travel plans brewing... more to come soon.


  1. Ah, I feel the relief and gratitude in your voice! So thrilled for you all!

  2. Hurray! What a sweet breathe of relief! September is always such a nice month for a birthday (says me).


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