Saturday, June 30, 2012

small miracles

God's provision is so evident to me of late.  I never quite get the break I am hoping for, but miraculously, I never quite need it as much as I think I do.  Small miracles sustain me.  I call them "small" because to anyone else they would seem rather innocuous everyday occurrences, possibly no miracle at all.  But to me they are life-saving moments placed precisely by God to restore me.  

A child who sleeps in until 8:45am... small miracle.  If you have small kids, you understand.  You are probably envious.  

A magazine that entertains a baby for almost an hour... small miracle.   No, she isn't reading yet.  Simply shredding it to pieces, we have to start somewhere with our love of books though.

child who gets dressed, brushes her hair and her teeth, without crying when we are already running late... small miracle.  You've seen the pictures on this blog.  We do actually own clothing for Annike, she just chooses not to wear them.

An ant crawling out of my baby's mouth when she has been left to play in the dirt by herself... small miracle (for the ant).  Actually, I am just glad that she didn't choke on a rock or a cricket because it has been quite a while since I checked on her.

A baby (who never naps longer than 40 minutes at a time) who sleeps for an hour and a half while we are stuck in San Francisco rush hour traffic... small miracle.

A genuine smile for friends who tell me their babies take long naps everyday, multiple times a day... small miracle.  I am truly glad for them, and seriously, that generous sentiment can only come from above.

A small girl who chooses to share and help her baby sister... small miracle.

Two overtired children who remain happy and fun to be around... small miracle.

A piece of an corner of an hour when my husband is playing with both children and I am typing on the computer, given a fleeting chance to reflect upon God's goodness in this life... small miracle.

But the real miracle for me is that as much as I am dying for a minute to myself, to express, to emote, to refresh, God sustains me.  I don't need that moment on my own nearly as much as I thought.  With two children who could not possibly sleep less and remain healthy, I am always in want of more time to          (you fill in the blank).  There is never enough for me.  And yet, there is always plenty.

I call them "small" miracles because to anyone else they would seem rather innocuous everyday occurrences. Perhaps a coincidence.  To me, they are larger than life, hugely miraculous, sanity-saving moments frozen in my mind as a divine gift from God.  They are proof that God knows me intimately and cares about my everyday needs, some admittedly mundane and insignificant in the large scheme.  He loves the way that He created me, selfish needs and all, and sometimes simply wants His creativity to flourish.

Thank you, Lord in heaven above, for the small miracles that are hugely sustaining, 
enabling me to press forward as myself in world that is 
not always what I expected, or dreamed of.  
Because of Your Provision, Lord, 
it is so much more than I would have hoped.


  1. It was so fun to catch up on your blog now that we are back home! I completely hear you about these small miracles--and am so glad you are seeing God's gracious, personal provision through them. I have been seeing a lot of those recently too, and as I tried to explain a long God-story to a friend, and was apologizing for all the details I was putting in, my justifcation was "God is in the details." It's so true.

  2. yep, I agree that those are God's gifts to you to let you know how much He loves you! And his gifts of love are never small! xoxo


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