Wednesday, March 20, 2013

joy (part 2)

Almost nothing brings me more joy than seeing my two little girls playing together...

... except maybe seeing this little wiggling munchkin inside of my belly.

Annike looked like a "gecko" when we saw her in utero. Sommer looked like a "teddy bear". And apparently Christian has nicknamed this one "Baby Skeletor."

We will be adding the new little sibling to the bunch in late September (or early October, depending on how late this one decides to come.)

Pray for us? Pray with us? We have some big changes coming to the family soon. Big change, but exciting change!


  1. Baby #3?! Wow, that is so exciting! Congratulations!!! : )

  2. Aaaauugghhh! HOORAY! I am thrilled for you and with you! What a blessing!!!


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