Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Good moms don't let young children play with plastic,

but sane moms might make an exception for the entertainment value and the opportunity to maintain that sanity.


  1. I won't tell,

    and I may or may not know a mommy who sometimes gave her baby a plastic bag to play with in the pac-n-play while she was constantly near the baby. Because the baby LOVED the crinkling. And got so cute and excited and happy. . . and the mommy got some work done. . .

    Or it could just be urban legend.

  2. omg... you're the coolest mom EVER!! love the pic... ! So cute!

  3. like it.... like it a lot:) xx claudia

  4. I won't tell if you don't!! I think we moms know the limits of our children (as well as our own limits to entertain them :)


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