Wednesday, January 12, 2011


When we moved to this farm, Christian said it was because he wanted a new project to work on, but I know the truth. He wanted an excuse to buy a tractor.

Despite his ulterior motives, he and Annike sure looked cute together when we took a family "walk" around the property.  By family walk, I mean that Annike and Christian rode while I ran along beside them.

Surprisingly, Annike was really into wearing the ear muffs.  It is worth mentioning that she had a full blown temper tantrum when I put the sweatshirt on over her favorite penguin pajamas. The very same pajamas she has been wearing for two days straight because I am avoiding further temper tantrums when at all possible. Ear muffs? No problem. Can someone please give me the map key for reading this child?!

I suppose we all have our fettishes. Christian and his tractor, Annike and her pjs, and me ...well, I am not sure I want to be that transparent right now.

Sometimes it seems like a hassle to embrace someone else's fettishes.  In reality, it is those very same oddities that keep life interesting.  Loving people includes loving the ways they are different, not just ways they are the same.

There was room for three on the way home. Having no one else around, we captured the photo via timer while the camera balanced on a tree branch. Definitely not one of our better family photos, but all the same, a great family memory!


  1. hey Ashley, we are really looking forward to see you guys!
    I do love the thoughts you share on your blog ..but it will even be nicer to tell you that face to face ( at least for me!!!!) big hug claudia

  2. This is such a sweet post Ashley. I love the photo series, and the penguin pajamas.
    Thank you for sharing and making my morning brighter!



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