Saturday, January 1, 2011

grumpy girl

As you will see from the pictures below, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get a nice picture of my 2-year-old daughter.  Over Christmas I essentially gave up.  I hope to have better luck when I pull out the camera in the New Year. 

We attempted to take a photo representing the 4 generations of women in my family.  Grandma, Mom, Me, and Annike.  Each of us is the oldest daughter in our family.  The significance of this picture did nothing to sweeten Annike's temperament.  Did I mention that she is 2-years-old?

From Left to Right: Jillian (sis) , Paul (Dad), Ashley, Annike, Christian, San (Mom), and Ryan (bro)

If you have ever tried to take a good photo of 6 adults and 1 child then you will understand that this was the best of MANY photos taken of my immediate family.  Christmas was the first time we had all been together in a year, and we all happened to be wearing red on this day.  It turns out that it takes more than matching outfits to make a good picture.  My head is apparently detached from my body, and Annike is once again acting like a 2-year-old.  At least in this photo you can imagine a pleasant expression on her face.

The following pictures offer a glimpse of our post-Christmas trip to Tahoe area with the family.  We had been building up the idea of snow to Annike for weeks, but this is about as close to it as she would get.  Why?  Because she did not want to put her snow jacket on, of course.   

In viewing these photos it is important for me to remember that having opinions is what makes each child unique, smart, and healthy.  Those opinions matter, whether I agree with them or not.  They shape and develop a personality in my child that I am determined to love and accept... but I admit there are times when I could use a little less opinion and a little more compliance.  My mother always says to enjoy each stage because "this too shall pass." 

One wise opinion Annike has formed is a fondness for soon-to-be Uncle Wade, my sister's fiance.  At least we can be happy about one thing together! 

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  1. People keep reminding me, too, that "this too shall pass" but it's hard for me to believe that I will miss this "opinionated" stage. There are some days/moments where I would give my right arm for some compliance. Enjoying motherhood with you today...


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