Wednesday, February 9, 2011


These little guys have found a new home on our farm, and oh boy are they cute!!

They don't actually belong to us, but to the chicken ranchers who are leasing the land.  Surfside Chickens sells free range organic eggs and chicken meat for CSA, farmers markets, and to any locals who are interested.  You might remember the day their chickens moved in... ("our latest adventure") and it is safe to say that things have gone a lot more smoothly ever since. 

We have had our own chickens for a while now (if you haven't met them, you can here and here.)  They are still Annike's little best friends, except for the time when they stole the graham cracker out of her hand.  One of the casualties of friendly chickens.  A companion has recently moved in with them in the form of Rupert the Rooster.  He seems to be as macho and overconfident as any rooster's reputation. 

I have to admit I never pictured myself living on a chicken farm.  This is apparently what happens when you marry someone with a good imagination!


  1. Oh man. Those little chicks couldn't possibly be any cuter!!!!!!!

  2. Look out for that rooster. My earliest memories of chickens (age 4) are due to a nasty rooster who loved to claw our backs when we weren't looking. That was pretty traumatizing...


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