Thursday, March 15, 2012


Sommer's baby dedication was last Sunday.  We publicly committed to raise her in the way of the Lord, to pray for her, and to actively role model what it looks like to follow Jesus.


Annike was dedicated in this same dress when she was four months old.


The dress is significant.  I was also dedicated in it when I was a few months old.  My mother made it for me out of the same material used for her wedding dress.  The dress was then passed to all of my girl cousins for their own baby dedications.

(Me - note that Sommer comes by her cheeks honestly)

Sommer was the ninth girl in the family to wear this dedication dress.  And while I sat in church holding my sleeping baby, newly dedicated, I was struck with tears over the significance of the history of this dress.   Over 30 years ago my parents made the decision to raise me to know the truth about Jesus Christ and committed to pray for me.  That truth has stay with me and today I choose to actively raise my own children to know and follow Jesus.  God willing, one day my daughters will stand in front of a church filled with people who love them and know them, promising to raise their own children to know the Lord. 
What a privileged legacy my daughters have... of God-fearing Jesus-followers who pass down the knowledge and love of Christ to the best of their human abilities. I am humbled to be a link in this chain.


Dedication is only a symbol of all that Christian and I hope for our children.  One day each of my daughters will need to make an independent decision to follow Christ.  And that decision is, indeed, independent.  They have the choice not to make it.  While this possibility breaks my heart, I feel hope as I glance back at the legacy these children are coming from - a legacy of love, of prayer, of dedicating children to be raised to know their Savior, and of following after Jesus.


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  1. Another beautiful post, Ash. And your parents look exactly the same!

    Love, Allison


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