Friday, July 5, 2013

independence day

I remember during my first pregnancy that the 3rd trimester didn't seem as bad as everyone talked about. My body didn't feel overly cumbersome until around 32 weeks, maybe later.

Today I am 28 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby, and it feels like the 3rd trimester began a few weeks ago. I am starting to make grunting noises when I bend over to pick something up. Or deciding that I don't really need to bend down after all - I would rather stare at that toy under the table than crawl down there to get it. I am doing things like constantly under-dressing my children because I am so warm, though admittedly, they tend to under-dress themselves so I won't waste time worrying about it.

Despite it all, we have a barn that calls out loudly for the chance to host an annual Fourth of July party. And we have fun friends who love to come. And, thank the Lord, we have helpful friends who don't mind pitching in to watch the kids or carry loads of food and utensils to and from the house. And these fun, helpful friends happen to be innovative cooks, so we always have loads of delicious food.

The best thing about this party, besides the fun, helpful, innovative friends.... is that it is OUTSIDE! This translates to mean that watching 20 kids under the age of 7 run freely around is enjoyable and not chaotic. This means that everyone comes prepared to have some good clean all-American fun, and part of that is leaving a whole lot dirtier than they started. Especially those under the age of 2. Next year I will warn guests not to wear white. Stick to just plain red and blue.

The all-American fun includes a number of optional activitiess... like a wagon ride.

... a hay ride in the back of the truck. Pregnant women aren't allowed on this one unless they are trying to induce labor.

... a bucket ride on the tractor. Pregnant women definitely excluded.

... face-painting.

 ... roasting marshmellos.

... and Sparklers, of course! 

Maybe one day we will make it out to see the fireworks at night. California's budget cuts seem to have eliminated the official firework displays in our area. Ahhh but the local neighborhood displays can be viewed from the driveway until well after midnight. For this season in our lives, with tired little people always to think of, a barbeque in the barn suits us perfectly. We thank God for the freedom we have to celebrate when we want, how we want, with whomever we want.

This final picture is how I will forever remember my girls at this age. Being silly with each other, in show of love. Having a blast with friends, but the best time with each other.

God bless America.

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