Friday, October 4, 2013

happy birthday to me

Yep. Now it is my birthday. We like to pack it in around here! I think I am 34, but I will have to do the math to be absolutely sure.

This year all I want for my birthday is a luxurious nap... and a long bath. Strange how our perspectives of birthdays change as we mature. Even a few years ago I would have been disappointed if we did not at least go out to dinner on my birthday. Or I would secretly desire some unique gift.

I can honestly say that not a single material thing matters at the moment. My family is healthy and my heart is full of love for them. I was greeted with two little girly voices eagerly excited to wish me a "Happy Birthday" this morning. My husband is taking care of me. And I just received a surprise birthday visit including cake and coffee from some very dear friends who love my children as much as they love me.

My grandma's special gift to me on my birthday, and each of us individually, is a personal card that is really an exhortation over our lives. I especially appreciate her wisdom and written blessing for my life this year, and want to share it:
Dear Ashley, 
In all this flurry of new babies, I dont want to overlook the mother of some of them!  In spite of the frenzy and clamor in every house with young children, these are some of the happiest years of your life!  Youll forget the constant demands on your time and privacy, energy and interests, and remember all the joy of sticky fingers, delight in new discoveries, hugs around the neck (somehow, teenagers dont indulge in expressing love or gratitude) and the absolute trust little ones show .  Relax and enjoy!  And dont think you have to accomplish as much in the house as you have done prior to arrival #3.  You and Christian make ideal parents, and are mature enough to get your priorities straight. 
Above all, keep the place of Jesus prominent in your home, so that your children grow up to honor His Word always, sing songs of praise to Him, participate in all the church activities, and make Him a prominent Person in their lives. 
With much tender love,Grandma Grace
I had such low expectations for being the one who is celebrated this year, and yet I think it may be one of my best birthdays ever - because I have so much to celebrate!


  1. Happy happy birthday friend! In years past I would have definitely called, and now it's not that I don't think of you on the 4th (because I do), but with three little ones to us each, I realize all I want is an uninterrupted evening. Ha! But phone call or not, I'm thinking of you and praying that this year brings many blessings. Blessings of a life full of love - both the giving and the getting as we grow closer to God and become more aware of how His loves wraps more and more around us and permeates our very essence. I could not ask for more for you. Love, Jenny

  2. That is such a beautiful letter from your Grandma. And that is a beautiful tradition and gift idea--I'm going to try to remember that.

    I so completely agree with you about what a good birthday celebration looks like now that I'm older and have 4 kids. : ) A quiet bath and dinner at home (that I did not have to make myself) would be fabulous!


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