Monday, April 12, 2010

let it rain on my parade

Seven years ago today, I married the wonderful man I call my husband.

It is raining outside right now, and it reminds me of the storm that rolled in the morning of our wedding. It reminds me of the rain water pelting down on the glass ceiling of the Coconut Grove Sunroom during the reception. And it reminds me of running through the pouring rain in my wedding dress after the night was over. We made a surprise getaway as the last song, "Time To Say Goodbye", played and Christian swept me into his arms, and carried me out the door where the cats and dogs were falling. It was good weather for "sleeping" (wink wink).

We had another storm like this one on our first date when we were caught off guard walking the boardwalk in Asilomar without a raincoat. Christian thought it was cute that he could see through my khakis, and he asked me on a second date.

I remember someone telling me, not knowing my husband is half Norwegian, that it is good luck in Norway when it rains on your wedding day. I know it is not because of luck that we are still together (in fact, I think it has been lot of hard work along the way). But I do believe the rain was a special blessing, just for us. A shower that washed the earth clean, and brought new life. Water that causes things to grow.

Rain represents new beginnings. What would be a more appropriate blessing for a marriage, a new beginning, a new life together?

I love him dearly. Thank you, Lord, for this special gift of rain on our anniversary.


  1. Happy Anniversary! We love you guys so very much and it has been such a joy to be part of your lives together! Here's to ten more seven year anniversaries!

  2. It´s very precious to know you two..thanks for all the special moments we had together!!
    Happy Anniversary.. and a lot of "blessed rain" for the next years!
    the Dengels

  3. this made me teary. love you friend. happy anny.


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