Wednesday, December 19, 2012

the nutcracker

On Sunday afternoon, we got to go on a special girls date. Annike, my mother, and I were invited by the Sugar Plum Fairy herself.

The Sugar Plum Fairy happens to be a good friend of our family's, a child I babysat regularly, and the flower girl from our wedding (which was clearly a while ago because look at what a lady she is now!). She personally invited us to Carmel's fantastic performance of the Nutcracker. What a treat! She was beautiful, with all of the poise and grace of an enchanted fairy.

Annike was enthralled. She couldn't take her eyes off the dancers. During every pause in the music she shouted in her high piping voice, "Now what?!" and "Where is the Nutcracker?!" and "When is he going to become a prince?!?" sending the audience around us into giggles. The enthusiasm was clear.

Prior to the show we joined a special group of little girls and mothers for a fancy tea in our winter best. It was complete with tiny sandwiches, a dessert buffet, and Annike's favorite "bubbly apple juice".  (Papa told her once that the apples in the orchard next door to us grow the apples that make the Martinelli's bubbly apple juice... to which she replied, "Are they growing bubbly apples?")

We were little princesses. The afternoon reminded me that every little girl should know that she is worthy of being celebrated. Since having Sommer I haven't taken much time to spend individual, undivided time with Annike. Dates like these will definitely be added to our annual priority list.

Of course, the day would not be complete without a reenactment of the ballet. Proper attire optional.

A little more work to do? Maybe. It is really hard to be a good ballerina with little sister in the way.


  1. Loved the video!! Annike's moves were excellent, but I couldn't help but watch Sommer's chunky thighs! I just love them and want to squeeze them (;

  2. I am sure that last performance was really the highlight. ; ) So sweet to read you have such an enjoyable time.

  3. I LOVE that Annike has nothing on in the video...because my first thought when I saw the pic of her dressed up was, "Wow, I wonder if it was hard to convince her to get dressed for the show?!" It's hard to keep my children dressed, too. :) One on one dates are the best! Merry Christmas!

    1. Hard to convince her to get dressed up might be an understatement... HA! Stripping down was the first thing Annike did after coming home! Becoming a little lady is a process, and I am sure she will learn to keep her clothes on one day :)


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