Tuesday, August 30, 2011

just for fun

It is not easy trying to capture a video of the moving alien within me.  I say alien, because a baby moving in the tummy is as foreign as a being from another planet.  Trying to identify the body parts can be a challenge.

This video is just for fun.  While filming my own stomach, I caught a moment of baby movement, but also managed to capture a glimpse into our daily life when Annike tries to get right in the center of attention.  It is typical for me to reluctantly relinquish my agenda and eventually embrace her participation.

By the way, I want to send a special shout out to those of you who are praying for us as we near the end of this pregnancy.  Since my last post, I feel SO much less anxiety and recognize it is because of the many prayers that are being sent up.  I feel extremely protected, especially from myself.  Thank you for your help in that!

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  1. Definitely praying for you. So excited to meet the newest little one! Despite the fact that I have had two of my own and seen stomachs move on many...it still creeps me out somehow. It is so crazy that these little people are in there and that they move so...oye!


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