Thursday, August 4, 2011


Did July go by as quickly for anyone else as it did for me?  We've been busy... mostly with wedding and family and the last minute fun that goes hand-in-hand with summer. 

The highlight of July was my sister's wedding, of course.  I believe it was everything she had hoped for.  In brief summary, here is...

The capacity of our barn was tested... and passed!  There were almost 100 people present at the rehearsal dinner hoedown, and plenty of room to spare.  Of course there was great food and squaredancing for all ages!

Everyone dressed in appropriate attire.  Jillian sewed her own bridal hoedown dress.  Yee Haw!

Jillian was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen... yes, I am pleased to say she topped me!

Wade was the dashing groom.  We couldn't be more excited to welcome him into our family!

I was the {very} pregnant Matron of Honor.  Jillian picked this dress over another one because she thought it would be cuter on me at 8 months pregnant.  I believe her, but I am glad I never got to see the other dress.

Annike was the exhausted flower girl.  She was a champ during the rehearsal, and loved wearing her "purple princess dress"... but when it came time to actually walk the wedding aisle, she just couldn't pull it together.

Christian was caretaker to the flower girl, and reluctant picture-taker.

(but don't let him fool you, he still had fun!)

En route to the reception, Annike decided she was ready for the party to be over...

but for the rest of us, the party was just beginning!  Marriott in Monterey was a fantastic setting...

We lift up many prayers for you two as you begin your new life together.  As I said in my toast, I know that the future holds many unknowns for you.  But I am also convinced that God has fully equipped you to be great travel buddies as you embark on this next great adventure... the one called marriage.  We love you. 

(Two little lovebirds atop the cake)

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