Friday, September 20, 2013

39 weeks

39 weeks today!

39 weeks and my clothes must be shrinking in the wash. I am positive the shirt I am wearing today fit me last week without showing off my midriff or the stretchy top panel on my maternity jeans.

39 weeks and I am doing a lot of parenting from the couch... which unfortunately, doesn't work as well.

39 weeks and I am officially not cooking dinner anymore. Alright, if you know me well you know that I stopped a few months ago, but it seems like 39 weeks is an appropriate time to claim it. Officially making frozen meals and take-out for the next few weeks.

39 weeks and my belly button is still an inny, not an outy. Well, you can call it flat, at least. I suppose it is nothing to brag about.

39 weeks and I am still trying to kick a cough left over from a headcold that my kindergartener brought home from school last week. She seemed unphased by the virus, but it knocked me flat and I haven't quite been able to get up again.

39 weeks and my doctor told me I should buy cupcakes to bring into Annike's class for her birthday instead of make them. I cannot tell you how very difficult it was for me to grasp this idea, and I went back and forth on it at least 10 times. I really wanted to bake them and decorate them so cute, and making them myself seems like the economical thing to do. Would I be disappointing my daughter if I didn't bake them myself? The answer is definitely no. She and her classmates loved the cake pops I BOUGHT, and at a dollar each for a class of 11 students it really did not break the bank. I shouldn't sound so surprised that my doctor was right.

39 weeks and we are in the middle of mad crazy birthday week, with Annike's on the 19th, Sommer's on the 22nd, and Baby due to make an appearance any day. My biggest challenge is resting enough because there are soooo many other things I need (want?) to be doing.

39 weeks and I am slow. Oh so slow. Heaven forbid I walk out the door and forget something because it delays us by 8 more minutes as I amble back and forth from the car to the house and around the house looking for whatever it is. We are late. For everything.

39 weeks and I am more in love with these girls than ever before... and so excited to add another little someone to the family!

In these final days before Baby makes his or her grand entry into our lives I need to ask any and all for your prayers. I have done this with each of my other pregnancies and been SO blessed by the results seen and felt almost immediately in my life. I want to thank you now for anything you offer up in prayer for me. Here are a few specifics...

  • Health - A healthy baby and a healthy Momma are the most important outcomes!  Please join me in praying for this.
  • Rest - My sleep is  interupted I am often awake for two or more hours in the night... so frustrating because I am simultaneously exhausted. Pray that I can sleep well, and that during the day I will know when my body is telling me to get back on the couch.
  • Timing - One of our biggest anxieties is making it to the hospital in time. My babies come fast and we would like prayer for the timing to be perfect, as only God can decide. I was also 2 weeks past my due date when I had Sommer (which was one of the most tedious and exhausting things I have ever done) and I would love to not repeat that.
  • Decisions - We have some big decisions to make in the next week... like a name for our child. Yes, we have procrastinated making that decision. We are also faced with the option of induction because of my speedy labors. Pray for us to be wise!

Thank you. Thank you thank you. I am so grateful for your participation in this big event in our lives. And while I am spending some extra time on the couch this week, I would love to pray for you too... so let me know what you need whispered up to heaven and I will petition right along side of you!

*** post update on 9/21/13 - I had a restful night's sleep for the first time in a long while!  Due to the rain drizzling outside the window last night? Probably not. I am convinced it was due to one or two or more extra prayers lifted up.  Thank you! ***

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  1. The last week or two is for me the hardest, hardest, hardest. Hang in there Mama! Rooting and praying for you all!


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